Enter a function Tips: Do not omit multiplication operator '*' between
variables or constants.
You may use 'pi' for contant π, standard functions like
'exp(x)' for ex, 'sqrt(x)' for square root of x, sin(x), etc.
By default all symbols in above 'Function' are assumed as variables.
Here you can specify a list of variable(s) of the function,
then all other remaining symbols will be assumed as constants.
Enter numerical value(s) and error(s) for listed 'Variables' to evaluate.
Input format: "x, xErr" OR "[x, xErr], [y, yErr], [z, zErr]..."
Enter [Value, Error] pair for each of the variables in the same order as
they appear in the 'Variables' field above.
Disabling simplification will result into faster computation but expanded expressions. Disable this if computation is timing out. You can safely disable if numerical result is all you care.