Error Propagation Calculator

Error Propagation Calculator <

ThisĀ application calculates error (uncertainty) propagation for any given arbitrary analytical function. It derives an analytical expression of the error propagation relation. It can also calculate numerical value of the function and its error if values are provided for input variables. See a demo here.

  • The application derives full analytical form of the error propagation relation. Calculations are done using SymPy library.
  • You may optionally specify the list of symbols which are to be treated of variable on which partial derivative are to be calculated. Other unused symbols will be treated as constants.
  • You may also optionally assign value and error for each variables, which will be used to do numerical evaluation of the function and its error. The result can be mix of number and symbols, if there are constant symbols and/or numerical values are unassigned for some variables.
  • All function and values are rendered as LaTeX and LaTeX commands can be copied by right clicking on it.
  • If you have a complex function and the LaTeX rendering is too small, you can change font size using +/- buttons.

You may either use the tool from below or open it in an external window, from there you can share your calculation by copying the address bar URL.

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