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SimSpec UI

SIMplified SPECtroscopic (SimSpec) reduction pipeline is a semi-automated, modular, long-slit spectroscopic data reduction pipeline based on PyRAF. The goal of the pipeline is to make a simplified, step-by-step guided data reduction interface. This single pipeline can handle data from a wide range...

SimSpec Documentation

SimSpec Library

SimSpec library is the Python package and is the core component of the SimSpec pipeline. You don't need to install this sperately if you are only interested in SimSpec pipeline. This libray will be only needed if you are planning to build your own pipeline based on SimSpec library.

This module is...

SimSpec Module Repository

List of SimSpec Instrument modules

BAO_2.2m1.0BAO 2.16m Telescope spectrograph with FeAr Arc (unfinished)
DBSP_300Blue1.1P200 DBSP Blue grims 300
DBSP_316Red1.0P200 DBSP Red grims 316
DUPONT1.2DuPont HgAr Arc
GTC_R500B1.0GTC Osiris R500B gr...
DiffPhot Package

Diffphot is a Python package for pipelining differential photometry of time-series data. The package can be used as a fully automated data reduction pipeline or can be used as a interactive data reduction tool in a iPython or Notebook interface.

Diffphot can do following tasks in automated or inte...

GSpread DBMS

This Python module is a Class implementation for using Google Spreadsheet as a pseudo- DataBase Management System (DBMS). It provides most of the basic functionalities of DBMS like inserting rows, retrieve rows and columns, updating cells, querying the DB based on conditions etc. Due to the in...

LCOGT Util Package

LCOGT Util is a Python package of two LCOGT APIs. It contains two Classes - LCOGT for scheduling and managing observation requests and LCOGT_archive for archive search and data download.

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SubPhot Package

Subphot is a Python package for pipelining image subtraction photometry of time-series data.

More coming soon.