Online Tools

Utilities or programs which can be run online without any need of installation or download.

Summary of sub-pages in this category

Finder Chart Tool

Finder chart <

This is a simple tool for generating pretty, shareable and interactive Finder Charts using Aladin Lite. The interface provides a quick access to a bunch of links for various useful online tools and resources, including our object visibility plotter.

You may link or embed this tool in your...

Object Visibility Plotter

Object Visibility Plotter <

This tool plots the airmass (and altitude values) of an object given its RA and Dec for any given date. See a demo here. Additional features include:

  • Plot of Moon altitude and percent illumination values
  • Civil, nautical and astronomical twilight zones are shown by three color bands
  • Set...
Online Photometry Tool

Photometry tool <

This online program is for doing quick and easy Photometry of Astronomical images and to estimate of magnitudes of a point source. See a demo output here.

  • Using the tools is as simple as just to provide the Image file and RA-Dec of the desired source. That's all, you get the calibrated m...

Error Propagation Calculator

Error Propagation Calculator <

This application calculates error (uncertainty) propagation for any given arbitrary analytical function. It derives an analytical expression of the error propagation relation. It can also calculate numerical value of the function and its error if values are provided for input variables. See a d...

Sidereal Clock

Error Propagation Calculator <

This tool calculates the local sidereal time for a given longitude and shows the time running in real-time. Sidereal and solar times are shown in both local and Greenwich time.

See a demo here.

You may either use the tool from below or open it in an external window. You can share or bookm...

Miscellaneous and Old Tools

Here some old tools / pograms are listed which are no longer actively maintained.

Graph Plotter

Grapher ><

This is an old graph plotting tool built sometime around year 2005, when online plotting tools were non-existent (to my knowledge). The output plot is generated purely in PHP from scratch, utilizing pixel-by-pixel basic line drawing capability without using any plotting package or 3rd party ut...

Online Latex Renderer

Latex Renderer ><

This is an old tool for online rendering Latex commands. It was built when online rendering of Latex was not a thing (AFIK).

Latex is rendered and displayed using Cgi and PHP scripts. The tool also provide a GUI for easy insertion of Latex symbols and components.

Launch Latex rendering app...