Astronomy Calculator

Online Console Calculator

An online command-line calculator with built-in astrophysics-related functions, units, constants, and datasets. This calculator supports complex calculations involving expressions with units and variables. Inline plotting is also supported. It is a fully capable general-purpose calculator as well.

Use "find" or "help" commands to find more information about functions.

I initally made this utility mainly as my personal handly anywhere online calculator, but I belive it is currently secure enough to make it available for anyone to use it. Curently not much usage instructions are available, but I plan to add more examples and intructions for astrophysics related functions. However, people familiar with general scientific or mathematical notations will find this tool highly intutive.

If you are looking for some functions feel free to ask me. Or if you want a new function to be added, please send me the mathematical expression for it.

Note: The calculator program runs in a preemptive virtual-machine which is reset every six hours for security reasons. While resetting, the tool becomes unavailable for about 15 seconds.

This online calculator is made using this excellent project libqalculate, which is the core calculation engine, and I have NO contributions to its development. My contribution is adding astrophysics-related and various other type of functional components, and transform it into this online utility.

You may either use the calculator interface below or open it in an external window.

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Oct 10 2022:

  • Added support for inline plot display. Try: plot(lookback_distance(x)).
  • Added new cosmology functions lookback_time() and lookback_distance().
  • Improved error and limits handling for ExtA_λ() poznanski_Na_EBV().
  • Added linspace() and arange() vector generation functions like numpy or Matlab.
  • Updated error weighted mean function errweighmean(), to handle vector of value like "A+/-err, B+/-Err ...". No backward compatility with old syntax for input arguments.
  • Option to maximize and restore terminal window