Online Photometry Tool

Photometry tool

This online program is for doing quick and easy Photometry of Astronomical images and get the magnitude of a point source. See a demo output here.

  • Using the tools is as simple as just to provide the Image file and RA-Dec of the desired source. That's all, you get the calibrated magnitude.

  • Supported image formats are only .FITS and .FZ files. The .FZ is for compressed file from Heasarc's FPACK utility.

  • Optional parameters are available to tune photometry parameters and get accurate results. For most cases default parameters are good enough for quick estimates.

  • Can do both aperture and PSF photometry.

  • Optional parameters include specifying filter, read-noise, gain, aperture and sky radius, PSF recentering options, and final display image options.

  • The program automatically fetches calibration stars available in the field-of-view and provides the calibrated magnitude.

  • Program also perform astrometry (if not already available) on the image frame for cross-matching calibration star catalog and also for locating user provided RA-Dec.

  • At the end of photometry execution, the tool displays an zoomable image labeling the calibration stars and the target. Sizes of aperture and sky annuls are also shown.

  • Additional output files are provided for a full catalog of pixel positions with magnitudes, and also a detailed execution log file with various useful parameters.

  • A job queue management is also implemented to prevent server overload.

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