SimSpec Module Repository

List of SimSpec Instrument modules

Module Version Description
BAO_2.2m 1.0 BAO 2.16m Telescope spectrograph with FeAr Arc (unfinished)
DBSP 1.0
DBSP_300Blue 1.1 P200 DBSP Blue grims 300
DBSP_316Red 1.0 P200 DBSP Red grims 316
DUPONT 1.2 DuPont HgAr Arc
GTC_R500B 1.0 GTC Osiris R500B grism with HgArNe Arc
IMACS 2.2 Magellan IMACS spectrograph
LDSS3 1.0 Magellan LDSS3 spectrograph
Lijiang_2.4m 1.0 Lijiang 2.4m and HeNe Arc (unfinished)
OSMOS_Ar 1.0 MDM OSMOS with Argon Arc (Blue-inner)
OSMOS_HgNe 1.1 MDM OSMOS with HgNe Arc (Blue-inner)

Modules mentioned (unfinished) in description are not fully tested and may contain bugs.

Installing a module

SimSpec offers multiple and flexible module installation procedures. You may follow any of the methods to install a module. Here I show the example for IMCACS

You can directly install by a module name(s) as listed above. SimSpec will download the latest version of the module from this website and install it.

$ simspec -installmodule IMACS

Or by downloading a module package file(s) .ssmod from above link to your computer, and install from the package file(s).

$ simspec -installmodule 'path/to/local/file/IMACS-v2.2.ssmod'

Or you can directly use a module file URL(s) from this website like this

$ simspec -installmodule ''

TIP : All above methods support mutiple module installation from a single command like this

$ simspec -installmodule IMACS DUPONT LDSS3  .....

For more help refer to SimSpec documentation.